Dedicated Server Web Hosting Guide

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What is dedicated server web hosting

Dedicated Server Web Hosting is also called Entity Hosting, under which the maximum administrator rights of Hosting are transferred to clients for self-maintenance of website affairs concerning security, E-mail, web services,etc. An experienced system administrator is often needed for management of Dedicated Hosting. Dedicated Hosting is a service that partitions one server into multiple virtual private servers. A great advantage of Dedicated Hosting lies in that its clients do not need to struggle for Hosting resources.

For standalone server, its overall hardware is independent and performance is much stronger, especially CPU. CPU plays an important role in a server, which is equivalent to the human brain, and CPU’s performance determines to a great extent the operational capability of server. While for Cloud Server, though its CPU is also independent, its resources occupation is limited. For example, CPU parameter of some companies’ Cloud Server varies from single core, dual core to quad core, but basic requirement for standalone server is eight core. To make a difference, comparisons are drawn between several providers as follows.

Dedicated server web hosting list

Web Hosting Providers MONTHLY PRICE CPU RAM Hard-disk space
Interserver Dedicated Web Hosting
(Editor’s Choice)
$39 Intel Dual-Core Atom 1GB 250GB
1&1 Dedicated Web Hosting $69.99 Intel®Atom™ C2750 8 GB
1,000 GB (2 x 1,000 GB SATA)
Media temple Dedicated Web Hosting $2,000 Dual-socket, multi-core Intel Xeon processors 128GB 1TB all-SSD storage
Liquid Dedicated Web Hosting
(Editor’s Choice)
$199 Intel Xeon E3-1230 v54 Cores @ 3.4 Ghz 16GB 2 x 250GB SSD Primary Drive

1.Interserver Dedicated Servers

Interserver dedicated server is quite cheap, with a surprising price of only $39. However, cheap things are often of poor quality, thus basic configuration of interserver dedicated server would be no better off. Just have a look at its basic configuration.

Interserver dedicated server

Free Features

  •  5 IPs
  •  100 MB or 1GB PORT

Operating Systems

  •  CentOs
  •  Ubuntu
  •  Gentoo
  •  Redhat Fedora
  •  Linux
  •  Windows 8/12

CPU of Intel Xeon E3 is often used by many Hosting Providers, while for the InterServer, CPU of Intel Dual-Core Atom is used, with RAM of only 1GB, such configuration is good enough for its price. In general, Dedicated Servers like this are economical and practical, if you are in a financial strain and your business is of no big size, then you are suggested to buy one, and you can upgrade it when you have enough money in the future.

  • Cheapness
  • A free offer of 5 IPs

2.1&1 Dedicated Servers

There are many advantages about 1&1 Dedicated Servers, entry-level price of which is $ 39.99/mo, and the dearest one is Business Line by Dell, $299 per month. Package of 1&1 Dedicated Servers includes: SSL Certificate, External Cisco-based IP firewall, Shell access (via SSH), Custom applications can be installed, ideal for developers, Mobile Online Storage, etc. With such reliable service and configuration, you don’t need to worry about your website operation, so that you can focus on your business.

1&1 Dedicated ServersCPU details of $39.99/mo plan

Processor:Intel® Quad-Core

Speed:4 Cores x 3.1 GHz(3.4 GHz Turbo Boost)


Hard-disk space:1,000 GB (2 x 1,000 GB SATA)

RAID:Software RAID 1

Bandwidth transfer:Unlimited transfer

Operating System:Linux, Windows, 1&1 Managed

IP address:Own static IP adress

Management software:Parallels® Plesk 12 (resellable, unlimited domains)

Access:Full root/administrator access

Port speed:100 Mbit/s

  • Maximum security and great reliability
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL Certificate
  • SSD Storage

3.MEDIA TEMPLE Dedicated Servers

MEDIA TEMPLE Dedicated ServersMedia Temple is a professional business Hosting Provider, though its Web Hosting ($2,000/mo) is expensive, it’s still worthy of the price. As what Media Temple says, you will be glad to enjoy its service as well as website content, and other problems can be left to it for disposal. Media Temple has been committed to offering professional and efficient business Hosting services, and has won many industry awards, being an ideal option for many enterprises. Let’s have a look at what Media Temple has that is worth your use.

  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • 10TB monthly bandwidth
  • 128GB buffered DDR3 RAM
  • Dual-socket, multi-core Intel Xeon processors
  • 1TB all-SSD storage


You need to think it over before using Media Temple Dedicated Server, for it’s a professional Business Hosting Service Provider, which is more suitable for enterprises or companies. Medium and small-sized enterprises or individual users should not take it as a good option, for a great deal of money would be wasted!

There is nothing more to talk about Media Temple, with such professional Business Web Hosting, we can certainly put our trust in its quality and services.

4.Liquid Web Dedicated Servers

LiquidWeb is a professional VPS provider, after years of service experience they have taken a place in host industry. Single Processor Dedicated Servers of $199/mo are compatible with Linux or Windows operating systems. Meanwhile, LiquidWeb also provides single core and dual core processor dedicated server.

Each package includes: CloudFlare® CDN, DDoS Attack Protection, Built-in Backups, The Most Advanced Operating Systems, etc.

Liquid Web Dedicated ServersSingle core/ dual core processor details of $199/mo.

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v54 Cores @ 3.4 Ghz


2 x 250 GB SSD Primary Drive

1 TB SATA Backup Drive

5 TB Bandwidth

Dual core

Intel Xeon E5-2620 v416 Cores @ 2.1 Ghz


2 x 250 GB SSD Primary Drive

1 TB SATA Backup Drive

8 TB Bandwidth

With acceptable price and configuration, LiquidWeb is a Web Hosting Provider worthy of our trust.

  • There are two options available.
  • High Traffic Sites & Apps
  • FREE ServerSecure Security
  • FREE Gigabit Uplink
  • FREE Cloudflare CDN

5.Ipage Dedicated Servers

There are three types of servers that Ipage provides: Startup, Professional and Enterprise, price of which is $119.99/mo, $151.99/mo and $191.99/mo respectively. Just have a look at its configuration details.

Ipage Dedicated Servers

  • Intel Xeon E3 – 1220LV2 3.5 GHZ
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Storage
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • Free Domain
  • CentOS 6.4
  • cPanel

The 20% promotional discount for dedicated hosting applies to the first term only.After the first term, the selected dedicated plan will renew at the regular rate.

  • Free Domain
  • FREE Marketing Credits
  • Independent Control
  • Give IP Addresses

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