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Difference between wordpress hosting and web hosting

WordPress Hosting is different from Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting is a server dedicated to a website that is built through WordPress programs. Web Hosting is compatible with both Linux and Windows systems, while WordPress dedicated hosting is only available on WordPress websites. WordPress Hosting is fast, safe, and easy to operate. If there’s quite a lot of page view on your WordPress website, then WordPress Hosting would be the best choice for you.  Many Web Hosting Providers have their own WordPress Hosting plans, among which you need to make a careful choice. Now I’ll list WordPress Hosting plans of several major wordpress hosting providers, hoping that this would be helpful to you.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

We all hope to find out a reliable Web Hosting Provider in creating a website, but among so many Hosting Providers on the market, how can we find the most suitable WordPress Hosting plan? This is the reason why I write the following passage.

WordPress hosting providers list

Web Hosting Providers MONTHLY PRICE Websites / Domains Email Accounts Storage SSL Certificate CDN
Interserver WP Hosting
(Editor’s Choice)
$8 1 Website Unlimited Unlimited Free Free CloudFlare
1&1 WP Hosting
(Editor’s Choice)
then $7.99/month
1 Website Unlimited 50 GB SSD storage Free NO
Media temple WP Hosting $20 2 Website 1000 50GB SSD storage NO NO
Liquid WP Hosting $119 Up to 10 Sites Unlimited Unlimited Free Free
Ipage WP Hosting
(Editor’s Choice)
$3.75 Free domain Unlimited Unlimited NO YES

1.Interserver WordPress Hosting

With the popularity of WordPress, WordPress Hosting has sprung up like mushrooms. Currently, the number of websites using WordPress accounts for around 25% of total websites around the world. With such a big market share, it’s no wonder many major Hosting Providers plan to launch WordPress Hosting. Though Interserver WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting differ in price, there’s no difference between their functions, except that the former has been improved in terms of website speed and security. Now let’s have a look at some details of Interserver WordPress Hosting.

  •  Unlimited Storage Space
  •  Unlimited Data Transfer
  •  Daily Backups
  •  Speed Optimization
  •  10GB Cisco Network
  •  Free CloudFlare CDN
  •  Free Migration
  •  24/7 Support
  •  Free SSL Certificates
  •  Spam Filtering
  •  $100 Google Adwords Credit
  •  20% Template Monster Discount
The plan is quite affordable and sort of tempting. But reasonably speaking, it could be inflated due to its cheapness as opposed to its good conditions. As for me, I suppose that adopting this plan will not accelerate website speed, instead, it could only available for just one website.

2.1&1 WordPress Hosting

1&1 vps

1and1 WordPress Hosting Plan is launched dedicated to users of websites using WordPress. 1and1 combines advantages of simple design with control panel of WordPress, its comprehensive technical support and services can enable you to focus only on WordPress’s blog content. As for management optimization, maintenance, updating and ensuring server security, they can be left to 1and 1. After inputting the domain name, the whole setup process can almost be done full-automatically, there are also many free topics that can be used to see other details on the list.

  •  1 domain included
  •  50 GB SSD storage
  •  Unlimited visitors
  •  Automatic security updates
  •  WP Expert Support
  •  Unlimited e-mail accounts
  •  20 FTP accounts
  •  Security with SSL Certificate
  •  Geo-redundancy
  •  Data Recovery
I would say it’s a good choice, for the price is low and details are all listed, what’s more, words like Unlimited are not overused to induce users to buy. But honesty does not necessarily equal to goodness, honesty may coexist with badness. Anyway I haven’t found out any badness about this Hosting plan, which is a plan that shouldn’t be blamed.

3.Media Temple WordPress Hosting

If you don’t want to spend too much time on choosing WordPress Hosting, or if you are a head of a company, then you are suggested to choose Media Temple Hosting. This can save you both time and cost and allow you to move faster in your business. My choice is based on comparison of price and functions with Hosting conditions of other competitors, for only comparison can bring a meaningful reference for choice. If you don’t have enough money, then you should choose the cheap one which is of high cost performance; but if you have a lot of money, you don’t need to worry about anything, instead, everything will be ready for you, and everything you buy wouldn’t be of poor quality.

SSD storage 50GB
Monthly visitors T250000
Staging sites 4
SSL certificates Optional
DDoS security Yes
TrueSpeed CDN Optional
24/7 expert chat Unlimited
Will I suggest that you buy it? No, I don’t offer advice blindly. When I know this is a thing that is not bad for you, I would think about it for a little longer. To be honest, functions above are not attractive to me, but this is still a good point, because it makes me understand that you need to pay more if you want to gain more.

4.Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

As a WordPress Hosting of high performance, Liquid Web WordPress Hosting has been applied to companies of different fields, such as GM, FILA, ESPN, Xerox and Audi, etc. Liquid Web also does well in Web Hosting security, its Pre-PHP upgrade monitor and Malware monitor can ensure your WordPress website to stay safe for most of the time. Besides, speed optimization has also been conducted dedicating to WordPress system, such as Site-wide caching, Delayed image loading, Image compression, etc. In cooperation with iThemes, Liquid Web allows you to manage 100 sites at the same time and update all site versions. Certainly these high-quality services are not cheap, and everything would be OK if you can accept the price of $119/Month.

  •  10 sites
  •  100 GB SSD Storage
  •  5TB Bandwidth
  •  Speed Optimization
  •  iThemes Sync included for all sites
  •  Malware monitoring
  •  Free migrations onto our platform
  •  Automated backups
  •  Free SSL Certificates
Convenient management backstage and easy operation are the reason why Liquid Web WordPress Hosting can stand out among so many Hosting Providers. Other Web Hosting Providers will limit flow and restrict your site to them, while Liquid Web promises not to do so. Thus, if I have enough money, I would choose Liquid Web WordPress Hosting.

5.Ipage WordPress Hosting

Throughout the past years since 1998, Ipage has become one of the best Web Hosting Service Providers. Several years ago, Ipage launched its WordPress Hosting plan, with a price of  $3.75/mo, only a little higher than its price of $3.25/mo for its original Web Hosting plan. However, safety performance, speed, and scalable bandwidth for web traffic has been enhanced compared with the original one.  Package of the plan also includes: MOJO Theme Marketplace, Customized Control Panel and WordPress Expert Support, but I’m not clear about the services quality, because I haven’t used any Ipage host.

*Note: The introductory prices are for the first term of service only and automatically renew at the regular rate. if you register a free domain through us and wish to cancel your account, there is non–refundable $15 domain fee if you would like to keep your domain.
  •  Free domain
  •  FREE search engine marketing credits
  •  Unlimited storage space available
  •  Scalable bandwidth for web traffic
  •  WordPress expert support
  •  MOJO Theme Marketplace
Cheapness is the biggest advantage, free domain name and unlimited storage are fascinating. But I won’t get captive by such superficial things, I know there’s some adulterate inside them, for cheapest is the dearest. Therefore, it’s concluded that this plan suits the individual webmaster or person in a financial strain.

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